forget about it

there will be a time when technology lies dormant, and the green roots push through computers instead of wires.


the landfills, where all the rubbish goes to hide, will be home to dormice living in broken cameras, a wild dog uses a grandfather clock as a bed for her puppies. reindeers will kiss the frosted glass with a watches swinging from their antlers like burnished tinsel. the winter sun will catch the clock face and no one will be around to explain the forgotten concept of time.

a generator still hums although it has nothing to power. it lies, choked in the embrace of the vines. it is the only sound other than the susurrus of leaves and the faint sound of paws on concrete.

magpies are black crowns on top of treasure. a nokia and led light bulbs sparkle in its nest, as they sit proudly.

an animal approaches a pile of something shining in the old concrete skate bowl. is it a pile of gold bars? maybe a set of sim cards? either way it is worthless and the animal gallops on, searching for lusher places that exist in broken schools. perhaps it will find the fruit that hangs, laden, on branches that bend out of office windows.

on the inside, everything is green.

and you will not be around to see it.



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